Meet Hayley Jackson

Meet Hayley Jackson, our Money Maestro. Hayley graduated from Thunder Basin High School at the top of her class in the spring of 2018. She now attends the University of Wyoming, where she is enrolled in the College of Business.

Working with her dad, Harvey Jackson, Hayley has cultivated her knowledge of business. Hayley began her Money Maestro career three years ago, which led her to develop a passion for finance and accounting. Initially, Hayley focused on the doing the bookkeeping for WebPros Media. However, as Hayley showed more interest in WebPros, Harvey challenged her with tasks such as building websites, managing customer relations, and taking attractive photos of clients and properties.

Hayley enjoys working for WebPros Media because she is allowed the opportunity to develop personal relationships with clients and their businesses. Rather than just simply prescribing the same marketing solutions to each client, Hayley enjoys taking the time adapt each marketing strategy to best fit each client. In Hayley’s mind, this personal approach is what sets WebPros Media apart from other marketing companies.

When Hayley is not conducting her Money Maestro duties, she is dynamic and involved. Hayley values spending time with her family and friends and pursuing her Christian faith. She also enjoys the outdoors and doing volunteer work in her community.

CFO  ||  Operations Manager  ||  Brand Messaging ||  Client Relations