Meet molly kuhbacher

Meet our Get it Done Queen, Molly Kuhbacher. Molly graduated from Campbell County High School in May 2017 as a Salutatorian. She is currently attending the University of Wyoming in the College of Business. Throughout her work career, she has become increasingly passionate about marketing in the workplace. Resultantly, she is now pursuing a degree in Business Marketing with a minor in Marketing Communications to further her knowledge in the subject.

Working for WebPros Media has been excellent for Molly because she has been given the opportunity to do what she loves - to help develop a unique online presence for each client that sets them apart from the rest. Everything from website building to developing suitable online advertising; the immersive experience that you get when working with WebPros Media is what she believes sets us apart from outside companies.

In Molly’s free time, she constantly trains and plays soccer for her second family, the University of Wyoming Women’s Soccer Team. When life slows down; Molly loves spending time skiing in the mountains, rollerblading around town, and spending time with friends and family. Life is always better with a strong cup of coffee and groovy music.  

Brand Messaging ||  Client Relations  ||  Creative Writer  ||  Social Media Guru

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