Meet Mychal Voigt

Meet brand whisperer, Mychal Voigt. In the spring of 2018, Mychal graduated from Thunder Basin High School as a valedictorian. Mychal is an upstanding student and dedicated to excelling academically. Mychal currently attends the University of Wyoming.

As a brand whisperer for WebPros Media, Mychal enjoys taking the time to understand each clients performs marketing services for. She enjoys learning about all of the qualities unique to each client’s business. Mychal is dedicated to personally connecting with her clients to find the best possible way to develop the online presence of each client.

When Mychal isn’t busy with her Story Whisperer duties, she spends her time reading, writing,being active or performing in musical theatres and choir. Above all, Mychal values spending time with her family and doing her best to perform well academically.

Brand Messaging ||  Client Relations  ||  Creative Writer  ||  Social Media Guru